At MoonRabbit, we believe in people with Guts!

  • People who have the guts to have a different perception.
  • People who have the guts to apply new perceptions.
  • People who have the guts to revise their perceptions when they’re wrong.
  • People who have the guts to keep discovering new perceptions.

Sometimes, it’s intimidating to have a different perception, to do something different. Sometimes you run into walls, sometimes you have to overcome obstacles, sometimes you have a lot of fun, sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes it takes years, sometimes you have energy to spare, sometimes you barely make it, sometimes you have to fight for it.

The kind of ‘guts’ we’re talking about isn’t reserved for a small group of heroes. It’s for everyone. And we’re not saying that to lower expectations; we’re saying it to raise them. For every individual, every team, every organization; for all of us!

Why? Because the people who have the guts to have a different perceptions, to do things differently, are the ones who truly change the world!


Learn how to discover and apply different perceptions!

Picture this common scenario that every leader knows:

You’re working hand in hand with your team to create something exceptional. Your collective objectives are clear, and the entire team is dedicated to their realization. Yet, despite your tireless endeavors, the gravitational pull of old habits and familiar patterns keeps dragging you down and prevent you from reaching your objectives. With each new attempt to reach your objectives, frustration accumulates, and even worse, a growing sense of resignation or apathy slowly takes root within the team – and within yourself.

Good news! It doesn’t have to be this way. The ability to achieve genuine change and fostering development is not elusive; it’s something you can acquire!

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Gaining surprising insights: The workshop that makes a difference.

It all starts with a dynamic workshop. This workshop helps to:

  • Explore the team’s unique perceptions.
  • Identify which limiting behaviors and old patterns hinder the team.
  • Understand why these patterns have emerged, and why they are being maintained.

The workshop yields surprising insights (Eureka moments!) that infuse renewed spirit into your team. This is exactly what’s needed for the upcoming phase: the transformation of insights into impactful action. During this phase the expedition of hard work, dedication and genuine transformation takes flight.

Time Investment: For a successful workshop, approximately 30 minutes of preparation time per team member is required. The workshop itself spans one half-day and involves the entire team.


Transforming insights into action: 4 steps towards tangible transformation.

There are two main reasons why teams find it challenging to achieve their goals: (1) Established patterns offer comfort and prove remarkably resistant to change. (2) Developing and refining novel patterns may be uncomfortable, as it introduces uncertainty and friction.

That’s why it takes a substantial amount of intrinsic motivation, perseverance, and a commitment to learning to achieve genuine change. It’s crucial to harness this valuable energy to the fullest. Our process consists of four essential steps, ensuring the right effort at the right moments and in the right place.

  • Week 1 – Reflect and observe: The team consciously explores the effects of the old patterns in action: What prompts the patterns? What behaviors are associated? Perceptions and assumptions are put to the test.
    Time investment: This step requires approximately 30 minutes per day per team member for one week, along with a 1,5-hour workshop involving the entire team.
  • Week 2 – Shifting perspective: The team crafts novel and alternative approaches to navigate situations.
    Time investment: This only takes 15 minutes per day per team member for a one week period, and a 2-hour workshop with the entire team.
  • Week 3 & 4 – Experiment and learn: The team puts theory into action, leveraging mistakes and missteps as valuable opportunities for positive learning.
    Time investment:  This step requires 15 minutes per day per team member over a span of 2 weeks. Additionally, there are two 1-hour workshops with the entire team.
  • Week 5 & 6 – Deliberate practice: The team puts the new patterns into practice on a daily basis. As a result, the team is on its way towards the set goals while they progressively refine their skills for ongoing learning and fostering development.
    Time investment: This requires a weekly investment of 30 minutes per team member for two weeks, along with an additional two 1-hour workshops involving the entire team.
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Yes, I have the guts to discover new perceptions and to do things differently!

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Ready to explore more? Take action and reach out!

We understand the unique challenges that come with leading in a multifaceted and complex landscape. Our expertise lies in crafting effective strategies for achieving genuine change and fostering development. Are you ready to elevate your team and yourself to new horizons? Reach out today to start an introductory conversation and discover how we can collaborate to guide your team towards success.

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