Develop your flexibility in a complex environment

January 18th, 2021

A few months ago, I left my job as a consultant in order to fully focus on my passion for perception and complexity. People often ask me what my work exactly entails, and what I can do for them. Valid questions that aren’t easy to answer in a single sentence. The main reason for this is that our environment is complex and unpredictable. A complex environment requires a flexible attitude and the ability to adapt. The Covid-19 virus has shown us this in the past year. Therefore, I do not intend to announce the truth or determine the correct way. On the contrary, I want to help people to create new perceptions, new paths and new truths step by step. My purpose is to help people develop their adaptability so that they increase their ability to deal with their complex environment. Allowing something new to emerge is unpredictable (you never know for sure what the outcome will be and that makes it more difficult to explain) and can be uncomfortable at times (we’ve gotten used to pursuing predetermined fixed goals, optimization and efficiency). In order to share what my work entails and how my work can help other people and organizations, I decided to write a book. 

In my book I describe how the pattern-forming properties of our brain are the basis for our perception. And how our perception is influenced by and reflected in our experiences, behaviors, memories, stories, imaginations, thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. I use the knowledge about perception to provide practical tools so that we can use our perception to our advantage when we act in our complex (work) environment. Finally, I describe how the pattern-forming properties of our brain can help us thrive in our complex environment. I did my best to write an accessible book with many engaging examples. 

Now that I have written my book, I am exploring the world of publishing. What’s the best way to publish my book? Is this self-publishing? Traditional publishing? Or is it better to choose one of all hybrid forms that have arisen in between? What a fun and interesting adventure. Of course, I hope to inform you soon on how and where you can order my book. 

With the completion of my book, the time has come to take the next step and actively help people and organizations. In recent years, I have learned a lot about complex environments. It is difficult for people and organizations (both in the public and private domain) to show the necessary flexibility and adaptability to successfully handle complex issues. It’s easy and tempting to follow a prescribed recipe. But in reality our environment is often so complex that these prescribed recipes are usually already obsolete before the medicines are delivered. How do you deal with this complexity? How can you determine direction and make progress without steering towards a predetermined fixed goal or design? How can you stay with the moment and let something new emerge while you remain open and attentive to input and signals from your environment? How do you deal with the uncomfortable feelings you experience when you go through change? How do you prevent those strong old fixed patterns from taking over again? 

I truly enjoy helping people and organizations develop their adaptability by creating new positive patterns and perceptions, mitigating the symptoms of existing negative patterns and perceptions, and coping with challenges in new and surprising ways. It gives me a lot of energy to help people find the strength and courage to see and engage with complex situations from a new perspective so that opportunities arise to learn new things. 

If you’re interested, please reach out to me! 

Starting a cooperation means that we will work together to develop adaptability and flexibility in the face of complexity. The following components will be part of a partnership: 

  • An introduction and planning session
  • Design and preparation for a tailor-made cooperation  
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