Why the rabbit on the moon?

The mythical rabbit on the moon is a character that can be found in centuries old folk tales originating from various Eastern and American countries. Different people, in different places and different times saw a rabbit in the reflection of the moon’s landscape.

The illusion of recognizing a familiar structure, such as a human face or an animal, in every day random patterns is also called pareidolia.

Sometimes, these observations are given significant (religious) importance. The Eastern myth narrates about how the rabbit on the moon used it’s mortar to pound the elixir of life for the goddess of the moon. And according to the Aztecs’ myth, the rabbit offered itself as food for a hungry god.

Our experiences shape our perception. That is why the earliest Chinese poems speak about the hare on the moon. Only later, after the rabbit was introduced in China, poems were written about the rabbit on the moon instead. At the same time, the way we experience things is influenced by our perception. We see a rabbit in the reflection of the moon’s surface and assign it a special (spiritual) meaning. It is the interaction between our perception and our experiences that allow us to use our perception to our advantage. Since the rabbit on the moon is a beautiful example of this interaction, I chose the business name MoonRabbit.
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